B3 Human Performance Training

B3 Human Performance is committed to bridging the gap between human physiology/biomechanics and sports performance. Baseball is an Anaerobic Sport, meaning: Short, Powerful and Intense bursts of energy. Whether it be stealing bases, swinging a bat or throwing a pitch, it all comes down to power, speed, and explosiveness. Through a science-based strength & conditioning program (The Conjugate Method) we are able to identify muscular/structural imbalances and movement deficiencies to improve overall athletic performance and longevity. Through weekly, bi-weekly and monthly assessments, we will continuously increase athletic performance which has been proven to decrease non-contact injuries as well as avoid burnout.

2017 Off Season Results 
Average Increase in Lean Muscle Mass10.2 lbs
Average Increase in Broad Jump9.4 inches
Average Increase in Vertical Jump2.2 inches
Average Decrease in 3 Cone Agility Drill3.9 / 3.5 tenths of 1 second

By increasing Absolute Strength, Power, and Speed
we are able to produce elite athletes that:

  1. Hit the ball harder.
  2. Throw the ball faster and further
  3. Run faster
  4. See more time on the field

What’s an example of how these results transfer to the field?
       Average Increase of Off Tee Exit Velo: +4.35 MPH

A stronger athlete is a healthier athlete. B3 Human Performance will give you the edge in performance that you need to dominate the next level.


Strength, Speed and Agility Training

9U – 13U

Strength, Speed and Agility Training

14U – 18U