B3 Human Performance

B3 Human Performance is committed to bridging the gap between human physiology/bio mechanics and sports performance. Baseball & Softball are Anaerobic Sports, meaning: Short, Powerful and Intense bursts of energy. Whether it be stealing bases, swinging a bat or throwing a pitch, it all comes down to power, speed, and explosiveness. Through a science-based strength & conditioning program (The Conjugate Method) we are able to utilize the weight room as a tool to identify muscular/structural imbalances and weaknesses to greatly increase overall athletic performance and longevity.

Through weekly, bi-weekly and monthly assessments, we will develop a nearly bulletproof athletic frame, jaw dropping power behind the plate and dominant command and speed on the mound.

Within a 6-month period of consistent training, we are able to see an average increase in multiple categories. Please see the following chart:

Off-Season Training Program
Average increase in lean muscle mass = 10lbs
Average increase of 4-6 mph in hitting Exit Velocity
Average increase of 4-6 mph in maximum Throwing Velocity
Average decrease in 2-3 tenths of 1 second on 60-yard dash times


Strength, Speed and Agility Training

9U – 13U

Strength, Speed and Agility Training

14U – 18U