Player Spotlight
Danny Holloway
  • Infielder
  • Willowbrook High School
    Graduating Class of 2019

Baseball Questions

  1. What age did you start playing baseball and who helped get you involved playing baseball as a kid?
      I started when I was 4 Years old. My dad put me in every sport and I ended up with my best sport being baseball. I enjoyed baseball the most.
  2. What is one of your best baseball memories playing youth baseball – before the age of 15?
      I was in CF and when we were playing little league I robbed a hit from Ryan Mintz on a diving catch in the gap. I was 12 years old.
  3. Name one of your favorite tournaments you have ever played in and why?
      Perfect Game Georgia – the facility was amazing and the exposure to playing in front of college coaches was new and something that was fun to be a part of.
  4. Why do you continue to train and work hard to play this sport? What are a few of your goals for your baseball career?
      To improve and get better, and I would like to play baseball in college. One of my goals is that I would like to hit a home run before I get done with high school.
  5. What made you choose to play travel baseball? What is the main focus of your current 17U season?
      I like the travel aspect of playing travel baseball and I like the idea of playing more games in 1 day. The tournament schedules and environment are something I enjoy. My focus is to become a better baseball player, improve my game, and continue to become a better person every day.
  6. What are you excited about for this upcoming summer?
      We have a different team and I have different teammates than previous years. I am excited to see how we do this season as a group!

Random Questions – Rapid Fire!

  1. Favorite State in the USA? Illinois
  2. Favorite Baseball Team? Chik-Fil-A
  3. Fly, breathe underwater, or run as fast as a cheetah? Cheetah
  4. Favorite video game? Cardinals
  5. What current Pirates Baseball Chicago teammate would be the class clown? Jack Nilles

Player Advice

    If you could give the younger players in the organization a piece of advice for their own personal baseball careers, what would that advice be?
    Have a quality approach when you are up to bat and make sure you get your mental reps in. Pay attention to your coaches and learn from the process.